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The A.R.S.E. Stability Platform

Articulating Rowing Seat Enhancer (A.R.S.E.)

(Formerly known as CP1 and CP2 for the Concept 2 Ergometer)

Gain Core strength, balance, and improve boat sense while on the Erg.

New Model with improved locking Mechanism.

The A.R.S.E. can be locked as a stable seat or released to add a completely new dimension to your Ergometer Training.

Special Offer - Free Swing Slings with A.R.S.E. Purchase, just mention that you would like a pair in the "Notes" section when ordering.

Fine Print:  The purchaser assumes all responsibility for use of the product. If you can't do that, don't buy one. 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

**Price of materials has increased production costs 65% as of Nov 16, 2021. I do not believe I can be profitable at that level. Feel free to contact me if $230 would be an acceptable price and if there is enough interest I could order a production run, though the price may have increased by then. Let's go Brandon!


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$154.99 (US) ea.** (+$10 s/h, Shipping to USA addresses only) PayPal

**Washington State residents will be charged  9.5% Sales tax.

For Shipping outside the USA, please email Paul to make special arrangements.


Which Models C2 does the A.R.S.E. fit?  The Models from B to E.

How much does this raise the Seat?  About 22mm.

Will it work on a C2 Dynamic Erg?  Short answer = "No." 

Longer answer and explanation/solution: (Courtesy of "A.N.")

"I installed it in the locked position and saw there was a ?little? clearance, maybe 1-3 mm.

I unlocked it, sat down, and took one stroke?scraping the plastic housing with the body of the red A.R.S.E.

The erg seat (without the A.R.S.E.) clears the housing by about .5?, but because the red housing comes lower it makes contact.

I?m not sure it would not make contact in the stable mode with just my weight on it, but did not try that scenario. "

And a solution:

"After a little bit of head scratching, came up with a simple way to fit the ARSE on the Dynamic erg.

 I put a flat plate spacer (3/8? plywood) between the erg seat carriage and the mounting plate of the ARSE,

replacing the 3/8? long 10-32 machine screws with 3/4? long 10-32  machine screws.

The spacer raises the ARSE enough to clear the flywheel housing with about 1/4? to spare when in the extreme "down to starboard? orientation.

It also theoretically spreads out the load and doesn?t unduly stress the longer screws.

Was careful to not make the width of the spacer plate too large so as to restrict the rocking range.

 Another tip:

just remove the rail stop and remove the complete seat assembly to fit the spacer?

Makes the job so much easier?I learned?"


How long does it take to install?  About 5 minutes, using the screws and hex key provided. (You do need your own screwdriver to remove the seat initially.)