My name is Paul Smith, and my company is called PS Sport . I began Rowing in 1982 at the same time that the Original Indoor Rower was just made available.  The guys at C2 came up with some new ideas over the years to improve on the early model, but I found that the change to a more efficient fan left me with having to get an electric fan to help cool myself down during exercise sessions.  This seemed ridiculous to me since I was putting so much effort into spinning a fan but reaping none of the airflow benefit that was being produced by my own efforts.  Now there is no need to waste our resources, or increase our electric bill just to stay in shape comfortably, The CBreeze will provide a concentrated airflow that will cool you down and can be directed as desired.  ErgMonitor began as a hobby project and just became too darn useful to not share with the rest of the rowing community.

I look forward to providing quality products and the best customer service to the Indoor Rowing community.

Thank you for reading.

Erg on,

Paul Smith