"A bit of feedback for you we have installed the C Breeze and it simply blows

Nice cool air it helps a lot.  Thank you very much for the quick shipping and well made product. - Jason, TN"

"Hi Paul, just thought I would give you some feedback on the C breeze now I have been using it for a while. I just did my first marathon on Tuesday this week, (new British record 40-44 lwt) and if it hadn't been for the C breeze I would not have completed it as it was a very hot day in Scotland, yes they do happen now and then!! and it kept me nice and cooI.I use it every session now and it is superb at keeping the body temp down. So thanks for this very useful piece of kit. - Stuart."

""The C-Breeze is the perfect add-on to the erg for any indoor rower who struggles to keep cool. Whether you're focused on shorter sprints, beating your 2K time or improving your endurance in longer sessions, the C-Breeze provides the cooling you'll need without the hassle of setting up a fan. The best thing about the product is its simplicity - just seconds to set up and a few more to adjust. If you're a committed indoor rower it's the best $38 you'll spend." Thanks Paul." - Phil "

"If not red, then purple, then royal blue. I was just saying to myself the other morning, "Man, I have GOT to get a fan in here before I die." You saved my life. I am forever in your debt." - Mitchell H, USA

"I was talking to some C2 guys at the canoe and kayak champs in Hanover, NH last summer [2002] and they said they've been kicking themselves saying, "Why didn't we think of that." Great job Paul." - Don S, USA

"It's really amazing. Way better than I thought it would be."  - More from Don S, USA (After receiving his CBreeze)

"This thing is just amazing. I always use a fan, sometimes two for longer rows, and the C Breeze just works better.  I actually unintentionally beat my 20k PB by 13 seconds. I had to search the forum today to see if the C Breeze was somehow outsmarting the computer, I'm very happy to be reassured that everything is OK and that times with the C Breeze are real." - Alex, USA

 "One thing I hate about exercising inside is that I sweat so profusely in makes a drippy mess. Well today I was about 4k into a 10k when the mail arrived, the CBreeze had arrived already! I took a break long enough to get it fitted and continued my row. In another 2k I was feeling cooler and noticeably dryer. By the end I was only a little damp around the edges." - Frank K, USA

"What a concept, honest advertising! It is not as noisy as my fan so watching movies is easier." - Raoul W, CAN

"The CBreeze is a delight!! The tailwind sure feels good!" - Walker C, USA (2001 CRASH-B Gold Medallist)

"I  pulled a couple of quick strokes, and as the saying in the  UK goes, 'it does exactly what it says on the tin'." - Paul H, USA

"It only took me 20 sec. to fit, and works a treat :)" - Andy N, UK  (WR holder - CBreeze installation.)

"Just installed my CBreeze and my immediate reaction after the first stroke was "Amazing"! That thing puts out some air! I've been using a 20" fan on high, in a window 5' in front of my face and the CBreeze puts out more air than the fan. And it's directed right at you. A great invention!"

- Mike M, USA (F4 Phantom Driver, Mike knows airflow!)

"If you try it you'll wonder how you ever did without it." - Sheila, USA

"I have a CBreeze, and was a little hesitant because I also don't like air blowing at me too much when rowing. So I was pleased to find that the CBreeze didn't feel intrusive like that - deliberate or not, it seems to have hit a balance between a ineffective waft and an irritating gale. And of course you can also adjust it! - Cheers, Paul - Not paid to say this, I just like the CBreeze!" - Paul H, USA  C2 Forum Post, 6Jun02

"Loving my C2 breeze. I rowed easy last night and because I was not rowing hard and heating up I actually got cold!" - Jim B, USA (First to break the Laws of Thermodynamics with the CBreeze)

"I am more than happy to recommend it.", "a god send when doing my long rows" - Nik F "Big Bird", UK (2002 CRASH-B Gold Medallist)

"Looking forward to my "salmon pink" CBreeze - If we had salmon that colour in Scotland they would never have become a national dish!!!!!" - Jake, UK

"I don't want to miss out on the biggest fad in rowing since the sliding seat was invented!" - Paul F (2001 BIRC Gold Medallist)

"First ... I received my new CBreeze in the mail last night. It is everything you said and more! I Erged for 60 minutes (the first time I ever went this long) and I was cooler and dry the whole time ." Jim R, USA

"Installation: Aahh!!    Result: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" - Mike Y., Canada

"All in all, I'm thrilled with the product. It provides a lot of wind. It's easy to put on and even easier to take off." - Neil K., USA

"I also found that it renewed my children's interest in the erg." - Chris M., USA

"Just tried it out - it's great! Even my husband, "the skeptic", is forced to admit that it is "almost" as effective as a fan!" - N Franks, USA

"It has been a pleasure having the CBreeze." "One gets dehydrated faster with all the wind blowing on you, so you have to be more careful about having drinks available." - David, USA