How long does it take to install?  The first time will take a couple minutes, with practice about 1 minute . (Current World Record is 20 Seconds.)


Do I need any tools?  No tools are required for installation, and no modifications are needed.


Why is this better than my fan?  It uses no electricity and will go anywhere that your Indoor Rower will, or to the gym with you.


I produce about 100 watts, will it cool me?  Yes, I have tested it down to 50 Watts, the airflow in the picture is at a 2:30 Pace (100 watts).  The higher your output, the higher the airflow.


Can I adjust the direction of airflow?  Yes, by rotating the CBreeze  about the perimeter of the fan cage, the airflow can be directed as desired.


Will it make me faster?  Only if used in conjunction with a well planned training program.  Since you stay cooler you can train comfortably, longer. (The Marketing people said "just say Yes.")


Can I use it at my Indoor Rowing competition?   "The decision from on high is that the CBreeze would be considered a machine modification (however slight) and would therefore be not legal for races. CBreeze pieces will continue to be acceptable for [World] ranking submissions." - c2billp


Does it make Erging easier or harder?  If you are currently overheating, I'd have to say easier, or at least more pleasant.


What is it made out of?  The CBreeze  is made of a high quality nylon fabric, selected for durability.


Can I still stand my erg on end for storage?  Yes, the CBreeze is flexible so storage options are not changed.


Does it make my Erg less noisy?  Yes, it has been reported  by observers to reduce the noise level.  I think it is about the same level for the person doing the rowing though.


Which Model Ergs does it work with?  The current CBreeze works with the Models B, C, D and E.  Here is a picture of fitting to the Model B. Model B fitting. (Photo courtesy of "seat5")

And here are some photos of Model D & E fitting.


Do I change my Damper setting?  To keep your previous Drag Factor you will need to change the damper setting with the CBreeze installed.  Press the [OK] + [Rest] buttons to display "Drag", pull a few strokes and adjust the damper until the desired Drag Factor is displayed.  Damper conversion Table


I ordered but got no confirmation from PayPal, what happened?  PayPal will send a confirmation right away to both of us and I send a confirmation of my own also.  If Neither of these things have happened it may be due to cookies not being enabled for your browser.


Email me if you have any other questions.

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