The Swing Sling By PS Sport

This is something I came up with to allow for Erging in my socks (or barefoot).  It is quite simple to make on your own so here are the instructions.  I'll be happy to manufacture and sell one if someone does not have the facilities to make it for themselves (contact me for details).


- Paul Smith

Material List: (Model C)

30 inches (76cm) of 1" (2.5cm) Nylon Strap material.  I like the kind that would be a tube if it were not flattened, it has nice rounded edges.  This is available where mountain climbing supplies are sold and fabric stores.

Optional - *3 inches (7.6cm) of adhesive backed hook and loop (Velcro tm) tape. I used some that was designed for Marine applications because it seemed particularly sticky.  (I don't put this on them anymore, as they stay in place without it quite well.)

Assembly Instructions:

1) Cut Nylon strap into 2 - 15 inch (38cm) sections, and the hook and loop tape in to 2 - 1.5 inch (3.8cm) sections

2) Form the strap into a loop with 1.5 inches (3.8cm) overlap and sew the overlap down securely.

Optional - *3) Attach the Velcro tm loop side (fuzzy) directly over the overlapped section of the strap and sew it down.

Optional - *4) Attach the Velcro tm hook side to the bottom of the Flexfoot (tm) covering the first two indentations from the bottom.

5) Loop the Swing Sling over the heel cup, aligning the strap over the angled section of the Flexfoot (tm).

6) Place your heel in the sling formed by the nylon loop and row as usual (actually strapless would be better, but you are free to do what you want.)  [=o)

(*This is optional, and makes construction easier if skipped. I've found that the Swing Sling will stay in place on it's own. Though I have been told that your cat may remove it and use it as a toy, that will be found under the couch when you need it back.)

Erg on,

Paul Smith - Owner, PS Sport


Model B picture to illustrate that it can be done there also, 38.5 inches (98cm) of strap are required for each side.  Or there is a Flexfoot(tm) retrofit that can be purchased from C2, which makes the use of the standard Swing Sling easy.


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